How To Attract Birds To A New Habitat Location

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Attracting bird wildlife to new habitat location in Australia can be achieved by combining some important strategies for attraction:

  1. Research the birds native to the area (understand their habitat requirements):

Different bird species require different habitats, food sources, and nesting materials. Research the bird wildlife you are trying to attract to the area and determine what type of habitat they prefer.

  1. Provide food and water:

Bird feeders and suitable water units will provide birds with a reliable food and water source. Make sure to use appropriate feed for the birds, but remember that seed alone is not an adequate diet for birds. It is important that the location chosen has native fauna food sources as well.  

  1. Plant native plants:

Native plants provide bird wildlife with food, shelter, and nesting materials. Plant a variety of plants that produce fruit, nectar, and seeds to attract a diverse range of bird species.

Provide nesting sites:

Bird wildlife need a safe place to build their nests and raise their young. Install birdhouses, nesting boxes, or natural nesting sites such as tree hollows or shrubs.

Create a diverse habitat:

Birds prefer diverse habitats with a variety of plants and structures. Create a mix of open spaces, trees, shrubs, and other vegetation to provide birds with different areas to forage and nest.

The Cherrp solution is a two-stage system, 1) Deter and 2) Attract. The Cherrp solution’s attraction model is called an Alternate Feeding Roosting Recreation Location (AFRRL) which is a purpose-built bird sanctuary designed to use an airborne bird organic communicator that communicates to birds in their own language and encourages them to the new location. This location is custom-built for the target bird species to ensure adequate food, water, shelter and recreation infrastructure is set up, with the location being managed by volunteers to ensure successful relocation of the target bird species and promotion of community engagement.