How Do Birds Create Challenges For The Productive Horticulture Industry

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Birds can create several problems for the productive horticulture industry in different ways:

Crop damage:

Bird wildlife such as sparrows, starlings, crows, and blackbirds can cause extensive damage to crops by feeding on fruits, vegetables, and grains. This can result in significant financial losses for farmers and growers.

Spread of diseases:

Bird wildlife can carry diseases and parasites that can affect crops and contaminate produce, which can cause health problems for consumers.

Loss of yield:

Bird wildlife can cause significant losses in yield by feeding on buds, flowers, and young fruits, which can lead to reduced fruit production.

Harvesting difficulties:

Bird wildlife can create difficulties during harvesting by feeding on ripe fruits and scaring away pickers.

Quality issues:

Bird wildlife can cause quality problems by pecking at fruits and vegetables, making them unsuitable for sale or consumption.

Additional labour and costs:

Farmers may need to invest in bird control measures, such as netting, decoys, or sonic devices, which can add to the overall cost of production.

Overall, bird damage can have a significant impact on the horticulture industry’s productivity and profitability, and it’s essential for farmers to implement effective bird control strategies to minimise losses.