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Sustainable bird management through sophisticated end-to-end technological solutions.

We make it possible for birds and humans to coexist.


Cherrp® is a leading environmental organisation that provides unique and customised wildlife management solutions.

 Founded with the purpose for overcoming the long-standing challenge of coexistence between humans and bird species, Cherrp® solutions provide opportunities to promote improved interactions, primarily with respect to – commercial outcomes and social outcomes.

Cherrp® is an innovative organisation dedicated to research and design of new technologies for bird (and other wildlife).  Our solutions were originally designed to support bird management in productive horticulture and both public and private infrastructure, however is continuing to expand into new and exciting areas.

Across various industries, the damage caused by birds is estimated in the billions. Our vested approach and strategic application have formed a successful, effective and beneficial strategy combating the many problems arising.


Cherrp are pleased to announce our place as a Finalist in the upcoming THRIVE Global Impact Summit, Nov 2. 

It is an honour and a great achievement to have the opportunity to contribute to innovation and transformative change in the global agricultural industry. Our innovative and ethical solution to combat yield loss at the loss of bird wildlife, will ensure a sustainable foot forward, support animal welfare and help feed an additional 2.3 billion people across the world.

Help support our efforts to protect our future food supply whilst caring for our bird wildlife by voting for us in the People’s Choice Award at the upcoming Summit. Simply follow the link, complete the form and be sure to select our parent company BirdSol as your selection. We thank you for your support. 

Our solution is unique. Our results are extraordinary.

The Problem

Current solutions to manage birds across various industries are not only costly, ineffective and unsustainable, they are also often unethical and inhumane.

Bird management is an on-going challenge trying to balance commercial outcomes with social outcomes.  Unfortunately, bird deterrence solutions have historically involved culling or forced removal using a range of methods which are often ineffective.   

Many traditional methods of bird deterrence have simply not been able to consider protection and safeguarding of birds.

Increasingly, our community is seeking a greater focus on environmental sustainability and protection of our native wildlife, which can result in an exponential increase in costs across a range of industries.

Cherrp® offers clients the ability to drastically improve their commercial outcomes and achieve results, whilst being a strong and proud advocate for our native bird wildlife.

Industry Impacts

Some examples of the problems our clients experience:

Productive Horticulture

Traditional solutions such as blast noises, netting, scarecrows and more recently laser deterrents, are quickly and intelligently identified by the birds who then readily adapt as they become habituated to the deterrent.

Public and Private Infrastructure

As a result of land clearing for both public and private infrastructure, the natural habitat of the local bird species is diminishing. Whilst many species may not return to their original habitat, new and opportunistic species will seek alternate shelter and food sources, and have a tendency to inversely cause damage to new and unfamiliar infrastructure.

Why we are unique

Commercially driven results that support social outcomes.

Proven Results

Cherrp® has a proven 95% success rate!

Cost Effective

Cherrp® solutions offer clients a more cost-effective method of deterring birds. For a value, competitive driven investment, our solutions provide better results and additional advantages like real-time data to analyse performance.

Research and Development

Cherrp® solutions are backed by research conducted by six leading national Universities with a team of world class scientists and engineers. Cherrp® also has a dedicated Ornithology & Wildlife Lab which works to continually develop the technology driven to support the artificial intelligence of our solutions.

Industry-first innovation

Cherrp® is an intelligent, purpose-built customisable solution, which recognises birds by species, talks to them in their own languages, impacting their ability to habituate, and moves them on to alternate feeding locations.

Environmental Sustainability

Whilst Cherrp® solutions focus on improving commercial outcomes for our clients, it is important to recognise the social and environmental outcomes. 1) Supporting the ethical and humane treatment of wildlife 2) Protecting our society from harm.


Bird attacks on unprotected commercial crops can cause up to 100% loss.

On average, across all productive horticulture, birds cause between 30% to 40% crop loss.

Habitat loss is the most critical threat to bird species, contributing to a wider issue.

An Innovative Solution

An adaptive, strategic and organic solution to bird management.

An Organic bird Communicator. An intelligent bird control system.

The Cherrp® solution identifies the type of bird present and designs a communication recipe in response, to deter the bird with effective results. The calculated method, when triggered, significantly reduces the habituation problem, proving a successful outcome for the Agriculture and Mining Industries in particular.

Cherrp® presents a purpose specific, customised and intelligent system which recognises birds by species and speaks to them in their own languages.

The Technology

Sophisticated, adaptable, intelligent, and customisable.

Learns and adapts to different types of birds in the field to create a unique communication recipe.


Automatic modified communication through real-time data to increase effectiveness.


Supported by Ornithology & Wildlife Lab backed by esteemed scientists and global academics.


Real-time reporting of bird movements, and field variances via online dashboards.


Robust cloud-based brain that manages data and compiles new sounds.


Managed by a Command & Control Centre monitoring data 24/7.


Intelligent deployed devices which speak to birds in their own languages.


A device capable of moving birds into accommodating habitats ethically.

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